What is interesting about the word interesting?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nothing. I wrote about the word nice in a previous post and my opinion is the same about the word interesting. It’s an easy, safe word but it doesn’t offer any information about your opinion or how you feel about something.
How does my pesto taste? It’s interesting. (Is that good or bad? Do you like it or not? What does interesting mean? Nothing.)
How was the movie? It was interesting. (Is that good or bad? Did you like it or not?)
How do you like my new boyfriend? He’s really interesting. (Is that good or bad? Do you like him or not?)
I guess you can consider interesting to be a diplomatic response if you don’t like something and you want to be polite, or perhaps you can’t come up with any reasons why you think something is interesting. I recommend that you explain why something is interesting because, although it takes a little more effort and brain power, people will greatly appreciate it.
ps: If you think this post is interesting, don't forget to tell me why.