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Monday, June 7, 2010

This is my old textbook and dictionary from when I studied Italian in college. I don’t look at these books very much anymore, not because I’m a fluent Italian speaker (I’m not) but because I prefer using the internet to improve my language skills.

I’m Laura and I’m writing this blog because I’m a perfect example of how the internet can help you do something better: learn a language. A textbook really can’t compete with great web sites, Skype, web cams, podcasts, instant messenger, photo sharing, audio bytes, video clips, music, and I use all of these elements in my work: English conversations.

I’m an American living in the USA and although I live 7000 km away I speak with Italian professionals, artists, and students every day to help them improve their English conversation skills. It’s extremely productive, convenient...and enjoyable too!

I studied journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and I’ve always loved words, vocabulary, and writing. I’ll be posting on this blog regularly to offer tips on English grammar, speaking and writing, and, for some variety, I’ll share some good stories about American culture, news, history, and lifestyle.

I’ll always have sentimental feelings about my old Italian textbook, but the internet offers speed, variety, and interactive possibilities which makes language learning more stimulating....and fun.

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