How and when to use THAN and THEN

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Than and then are two separate words.

THAN is used when making comparisons.

  • Italy is smaller than the USA. The USA is smaller than Canada.
  • Other than his love for football, Massimo has no interests.
  • The price of gasoline is lower than it was yesterday.
  • Stefania plays the piano better than I do.
  • THEN

    1) Indicates time or a sequence of events.

  • I ate a salad, then a pizza, then some chocolate cake, and then I took a nap.
  • Will Nicola be home at noon? I’ll call him then.
  • 2) Meaning therefore, in that case

  • I’m hungry! Then eat something.
  • If you want to go, then you’ll have to finish you’re homework.
  • What could be easier than that?

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