City Tavern

Monday, December 13, 2010

Imagine yourself dining in a restaurant so old that it was serving customers even before the Unites States was a country, and so old that George Washington, our first president, was a regular visitor. There is such a place, called City Tavern, and you can dine there today in very much the same way our Founding Fathers did. (The Founding fathers were the political leaders who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 or those who took part in the American Revolution to win independence from Great Britain, or who participated in writing the US Constitution in 1787-1788). City Tavern is old.

The City Tavern was constructed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1773. It was one of the finest buildings in the largest and most cosmopolitan North American city of the time.

Modeled after a London tavern, City Tavern, also called the Merchants' Coffee House, was the political, social, and business center of the new United States and it’s still in operation today, allowing you to replicate the true customs and food of 18th Century Colonial America. Using beer recipes from Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, even the locally produced beer is authentic. A dining experience there is a trip back in history.

Are there any really old restaurants where you live?

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