Frank Lloyd Wright: American Architect

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Frank Lloyd Wright was one of America’s most famous and original architects in the 20th century. He was born in Wisconsin in 1867 where he lived most of his life. His design philosophy uses nature to integrate form and function, which he referred to as organic architecture. He believed that good design makes people more aware and respectful of their surroundings and of nature. Wright designed office buildings, houses, neighborhoods, public buildings, churches, and museums, many in Wisconsin.

Frank Lloyd Wright is most widely known for his prairie style homes. He thought that rooms in Victorian era homes were boxed-in and confining so he began to design houses with low horizontal lines and open interior spaces. Rooms were often divided by glass panels and the roofs hung further away from the house than most normal homes. He used materials that were plain and simple. Prairie style homes were quite unique, and designed to blend in with the flat, prairie landscape.

Frank Lloyd Wright has over 500 completed works, and many who appreciate his style like to tour the buildings and private homes he designed (there are at least 40 examples in Wisconsin). Owning one of his homes is like living in a work of art every day of your life.

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