Cowboys of the American West

Sunday, April 3, 2011

If you like riding horses and working outside, you might want to be a cowboy. You can do it. It’s not too late.
The basic characteristics of a cowboy include simple values, independence, friendship, hard work, and loyalty. A cowboy guides cattle in the open western lands of North America or performs many duties on ranches, traditionally on horseback. Historically cowboys settled the wild lands out West so people could travel from the East and begin new lives there, and today’s cowboys work on cattle ranches (cattle farms) in Western US states. These people cherish a lifestyle away from big cities. Exhibitions where cowboys show their riding and roping skills are called rodeos. Sometimes I see rodeos on TV and admire the fearlessness of these guys. Amazing!
A cowboy's typical wardrobe consists of cowboy boots, a western style shirt, blue jeans, a belt with a large belt buckle, and a cowboy hat, of course.
As much as America has changed, the American cowboy is still the same. Today I saw an advertisement for a man seeking a new life as a cowboy. His name is Jack: I am forgoing my success as a marketing executive in Las Vegas and looking to learn the ways of the ranch hand. I am a strong 35 year old single male with a full size truck and a well trained bird dog named Charlie. Not looking for much more than boarding and food. Ideal location would be mountainous area in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado or California. Hope someone can use my help. Good luck to you Jack! Yee-haaa!

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