My vacation

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I returned from my vacation yesterday. I went to my most favorite place to enjoy Wisconsin’s natural beauty, the Chain of Lakes in Waupaca, Wisconsin. This location is rather particular because of its arrangement of 22 connected lakes which were formed by glaciers during the Ice Age, between 35,000 and 11,150 years ago. That’s a long time ago!

Spreading over many kilometers, these crystal clear lakes are spring-fed and extremely clean. Many Native American Indians have a special name for the Chain of Lakes, such as the Menomini Indians, “Se-se-pe-comeow” meaning “sprawling water,” or “water that spreads out like an animal basking in the sun.” The Potawatomi Indian name for the Chain of Lakes means “scattered water,” or “scattered group of lakes.” The Chippewa also had a name for them,“Wai-wai-ba-si-pi,” meaning “soon one after another” which describes how one lake follows another in a chain or series.

There are narrow channels connecting the lakes which provide the perfect opportunity to travel (by boat, of course) from one lake to the next, to the next. I spent a majority of my time canoeing, kayaking, and swimming last week. There are always new places to explore and a lake to satisfy if you like the pace active or peaceful. Being a nature lover has never been easier.


Anonymous said...

I can verify that we had fun there. It is a hidden jewel in the USA.

Anonymous said...

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Laura said...

Frozen custard is similar to ice cream but it contains some egg yolk. It also has a creamier texture.
I can confirm that they're both delicious.

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