Catching Zs

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I’m not a morning person, meaning that I don’t like waking up early in the morning and, when I do, I’m not very sociable or energetic. Most people I know are morning people and I can’t understand how they can wake up and be so lively and active at such an early hour. We all sleep, it’s just that I go to bed later at night and prefer to wake up later in the morning. I’m full of energy too...but not until later in the day. There are morning people and night people, so what are you?

In English there are many ways to talk about sleep habits, naps, or being tired. For example, those morning people are early birds because they’re up at the crack of dawn (very early in the morning) and I would be a night owl because I like to stay awake very late at night. There are also light sleepers, when every sound keeps you awake, and heavy sleepers, who can sleep through any loud sounds, music, traffic noise, conversations, the TV, parties, etc. A catnap or forty winks are naps, and catch some Zs is informal for getting some sleep. Sometimes you’re wide awake (fully awake) because you can’t sleep a wink (can’t sleep at all) so you toss and turn (constantly move in bed, unable to sleep) in bed. How frustrating! Especially if you’re not a morning person!

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I like these words and phrases. Your blog helps me. Thank you....

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