American Kitsch: Elvis Impersonators

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In the world of American kitsch, Elvis is king. You can be serenaded by him in a restaurant or he can sell you something in a shop (that happened to me here in Milwaukee). He can even officiate at your wedding because there is an Elvis wedding chapel in Las Vegas where you can choose from several packages, including the Hound Dog special or the Pink Caddy (Cadillac) Wedding Package. That’s super-kitsch!

Elvis conventions, singing contests, look-alike contests, and tribute concerts are the norm, as is fat Elvis, black Elvis, or child Elvis. In fact, Elvis entertainers make up a unique branch of the entertainment industry and they attract large numbers of fans. Actually, this isn’t even particular to the United States because there are Elvis tribute artists all over the world: Italian Elvis, Greek Elvis, Japanese Elvis, and so on. Have you ever had an encounter with an Elvis impersonator in your country?

*photo courtesy of Mark Waite

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