Four Corners

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You’re traveling in the USA and you want to visit as many places as possible but you don’t have much time. How do you maximize your road trip to see as many states as you can? Try the Four Corners region.

The southwestern U.S. features an intersection of land that allows you to stand in four different states at once - Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah - and that region is appropriately called the Four Corners. The majority of the land belongs to the Navajo Nation of American Indians and it’s worth stopping to meet Navajo artisans and craftsmen, and of course, get ypur photo taken in all four states at once!

Technically known as a quadripoint, a point on the Earth that touches the border of four distinct territories, it’s not the only quadripoint in the world. Can you locate any others?


Anonymous said...

Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia in Africa

Anonymous said...

I have been there. It is very interesting. People line up to stand in the spot there the 4 states come together. One foot or hand in each corner. The spot is on land owned by the Navajo Indians. The Navajo run the concession stands near the 4 Corners Monument. They also charge a small admission to see the Monument.

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