Monday, April 2, 2012

I’m a member of a group that regularly meets to socialize and play games - I call it my poker night. We don’t necessarily play poker but we always play some kind of game and, if you know me from this blog, then you know I love word games.

One of the my favorites is Scattergories (a blending of the words scatter and categories). It’s a timed game that challenges your creativity, requires quick thinking, and its purpose is simple: make a list of words falling under various categories that all begin with the same letter. It’s not so easy because there’s a time limit - some pressure to think fast - and originality is the key to winning because you can’t duplicate the same words as your opponents. You earn one point for every word that’s different from your competitors.

I like to play Scattergories online with my English students as a fun way to stretch vocabulary and creativity in English. Here’s a Scattergory list for you to try. Choose one letter of the alphabet, give yourself three minutes, and see how well you do!

  • 1. Things in a grocery store
  • 2. Reasons to quit your job
  • 3. Things that have stripes
  • 4. Tourist attractions
  • 5. Diet foods
  • 6. Things found in a hospital
  • 7. Food/drink that is green
  • 8. Weekend activities
  • 9. Things your shouldn't touch
  • 10. Seafood
  • 11. Sports played indoors
  • 12. Words endIng in “-n”
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