"Wanna" Understand English Better?

Monday, December 10, 2012

- "People speak so fast. I have a difficult time understanding what they are saying."

- "I have trouble listening to English speakers."

- "I need to improve my comprehension skills."

Listening to English speakers takes some ear training because it seems like they speak so fast when, in reality, they are blending words together. This is called reduced speech, and here are the basic forms:

because = cuz
Simona drove Massimo's car cuz hers was getting repaired.

bet you = betcha
I betcha thought I would be late.

doing = doin’
What are you doin‘ after work today?

want to = wanna
Do you wanna go to the movies tonight?

want a = wanna
I wanna Coca Cola. .

wants to = wansta
David wansta sit in business class.

going to = gonna
Dan is gonna play golf on Saturday.

got to = gotta
I gotta study or I won't pass the exam.

have to = hafta
I hafta quit smoking because it's a bad habit.

has to = hasta
Andy can't come to the concert because he hasta work.

don’t know = dunno
I dunno what to do next.

kind of = kinda
I’m kinda hungry so let's take a break.

let me = lemme
Lemme tell you about our new boss.

lot of = lotta
Lisa has a lotta clothes in her closet.

could have = coulda / couldav
They coulda won the game if they had practiced more.

should have = shoulda / shouldav
I shoulda made the appointment sooner.

would have = woulda / wouldav
They woulda bought a car if they had won the lottery.

might have = mighta / mightav
Charlie mighta made a mistake.

must have = musta / mustav
Vivian musta heard the secret about her surprise party.

give me = gimme
Snakes gimme goosebumps.

what do you = whaddaya
Whaddaya think of my new haircut?

When English speakers use these reduced forms, it seems like words aren't pronounced very clearly, but learning them will greatly improve your understanding and will also help you sound more like a native speaker of English. It's simply a way of making sentences less of a mouthful, which at times is very helpful. If you're in formal situations, however, it's best to pronounce or write each word individually.

If you dunno this blended way of speaking and you wanna learn some common reduce forms, you hafta give yourself time cuz you need to be patient. Whaddaya think of that?

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