Idiom: Pulling Some Strings

Monday, March 11, 2013

When you need a little help it's sometimes who you know that can really make things happen. A favor, a referral, a good word, someone to pull some strings.

- Melany was able to get my daughter a summer internship by pulling some strings in her company.
- I may be able to pull a few strings for you if you need the contract urgently.
- Brian pulled some strings to get me a backstage pass for the concert.

Pulling some strings means to use influence to make things happen. The term goes back to a puppeteer, the person behind-the-scenes manipulating things that made the show happen. So, just like the puppeteer, the person who metaphorically pulls some strings is someone who uses their influence with another to get something done.

Have you ever had anyone pull some strings for you?

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