Learn Through Poetry

Monday, April 22, 2013

There are certain language learning methods that are extremely effective and one of them is through poetry. Poems provide an opportunity to see the language work creatively and freely, and the reader can often make strong connections with these words. Elements used, such as rhyming and metaphors, offer a special intensity to express feelings and ideas in this particular literary style. If a poem helps you create an image in your mind, then a connection is made, hopefully for a lifetime.

Another benefit of poetry for learning languages is the range of language levels. You can start with simple poems as a beginner and advance from there as your vocabulary grows.

Here is an example of vivid imagery and rhyming words in a poem by James Dunn, called Tales Of The Ocean:

The ocean, of deep blue mysteries,
Sways in a crushing pool of wonder and histories.
Full of life, larger than small,
The fish swim together, one and all.

It stretches further than the eye can see,
The ocean is entirely free.
Waves that crash on the rocky outcrop,
They will never not move, they will never not stop.

The ocean gleams off the bright sunset,
Sharks that lurk beneath, propose a threat.
Seaweed dangles beneath the broad sea,
Seagulls sway above flying in a spree.

Lifeguards rest on the shore ahead,
Crisp sea air blows against their head.
Dolphins, squids, seals and more,
Wait until you hear the whale’s mighty roar.

I love the ocean; it’s beautiful to me,
I just hope you see the same, I plea.

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