Garage Sales

Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's spring so garage sale season has begun in the USA. This is a repost that explains everything you need to know about selling your miscellaneous household goods. Maybe it will inspire you!

What do you do when you’ve accumulated undesireable items in your home and want to get rid of them? Perhaps you’re moving or you need to downsize. Maybe you just have a lot of junk. Do you throw your things away or give them away? One solution is to have a garage sale.

Summer weekends in the USA are prime time for garage sales, often called rummage sales, and whether you like looking at other people’s junk or you need to eliminate your old things, garage sales are everywhere! My mom, an expert at organizing rummage sales, would often transform our garage into an informal shop to display our rejected things. She always made a lot of money too.

Advertisements invite any stranger to look around and, amazingly, your trash instantly becomes someone else's treasure. If you have a good eye for a value or are skilled at repairs, you can seriously find an excellent bargain for little money. A successful way to attract many shoppers is to have several homes in your neighborhood hold a garage sale at the same time, like one-stop-shopping. Here’s an ad for this weekend that will surely gather a crowd:

HUGE 2 family rummage. Small kitchen appliances, beer/bar signs, furniture, holiday and home decor. Name brand clothing, sporting equiptment and TONS of electronics including tv's, computer accessories, cameras and gaming systems. EVERYTHING MUST GO, EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE. WHATEVER DOESN’T SELL MAY BE GIVEN AWAY FREE ON SUNDAY.

I think I’ll go on Sunday.

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