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Monday, June 10, 2013

How do you know which prepositions go with certain words? Sometimes it's hard to remember their combinations. Depend on is one of those phrases and interested in is another. In always follows interested for the common phrase, interested in, to indicate your curiosity or concern about something or someone.

Interested in is followed by a noun and, if your focus is an activity, this noun should be in the form of a gerund (a verb form that functions as a noun).

Monty has been interested in horses since he was a child. (noun = horses)
Jack is interested in French cuisine. (noun = French cuisine)
Federica is interested in kickboxing. (noun = kickboxing)

Nic is interested in becoming a professional tennis player. (gerund = becoming)
NASA is interested in exploring other galaxies. (gerund = exploring)
John is interested in flying jets. (gerund = flying)

I am interested in improving your English!

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