Effect and Affect

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

In the journalism school at my university, excellent grammar was a requirement for admission. Before attending any class, passing a grammar usage test was a prerequisite (a necessity). If you failed, you had to seek another major course of study. Surprisingly, in one of my journalism courses, my professor had to take a moment to explain the difference between effect and affect because so many of his students used these words incorrectly. Even though everyone had passed the grammar usage test, they still couldn't remember when to use effect and affect. To avoid any future confusion, I will clarify their uses:

Effect is a noun ---> a result or consequence
Affect is a verb ---> to influence, impact

- The drug affected (verb) the patient. The effect (noun) was pain relief.
- Rain has no effect (noun) on Darla's hair but the damp air affects (verb) her bones.
- The sun affects (verb) my skin. The effect (noun) is sunburn.

Affect, the verb, has a second meaning ---> to touch the feelings or emotions (of someone)

- Katie is always affected by love stories.
- Memories of war still affect many soldiers when they return home.

My professor would be very proud of you :)

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I always confuse those two words. Thanks for the post!

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