Prepositions of place (location/destination): to, into, onto

Monday, March 24, 2014

Prepositions describe a relationship between other words in a sentence but, all alone, they are difficult to define. Consequently, understanding prepositions is a challenge for English learners. This post explores three prepositions of place: to, into, and onto.

We use “to”, “into”, and “onto” to show movement, when something changes its location or position.

The couple flew to Mexico for their honeymoon.
Andrea poured the Coke into a glass.
Matteo was exhausted and fell onto the sofa to take a nap.

The opposite of “to” is “from” / the opposite of “into” is “out of” / the opposite of “onto” is “off”.

The couple flew home from Mexico after their honeymoon.
The Coke spilled out of the glass when Andrea accidentally knocked it over.
After his nap, Matteo got off of the sofa to eat dinner.

The more you speak, read, and write, the more natural prepositions will be for you.

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