Advantages and disadvantages

Monday, June 9, 2014

When I have a difficult decision to make I like to write down the advantages and disadvantages of my options. Seeing these positive and negative outcomes clearly written down has a great impact on what action to take. I call this decision-making list my pros and cons list.

Pro = an advantage of something, or an argument in favor of a course of action
Con = a disadvantage

Let’s pretend you are offered a job and are not sure whether to accept it or not. Here is the pros and cons list.

Pros: higher salary, greater visibility within the company, excellent benefits
Cons: long hours, on the road three days/week, more responsibility, stressful work, one-year contract

This position has more negatives than positives.

On the flip side is another expression used to talk about positive and negative qualities. The flip side is the bad or unpleasant part or result of something.

- Loss of privacy is the "flip side" of fame.
- Sandra earns a great salary and purchased an elegant villa. "On the flip side", she travels for work and is never home.
- The "flip side" of training for the Olympics is little time for socializing with friends.

Pros and cons and flip side are useful terms when expressing advantages and disadvantages.

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