I'm sold

Monday, October 27, 2014

When you make a purchase, you are sold something. That situation applies to shopping and transactions. However, when you cause someone to be enthusiastic about something, they are sold on it.

You convince me that something has value ---> I’m sold.
("Something" could be an idea, an endeavor, an activity, a thing.)

- Lisa is "sold on" the idea of spending the winter in Palm Springs.

- I’ve been "sold on" Zumba since I tried that free class.

- Gary isn’t "sold on" the iPad Mini as the best tablet for his job.

To be sold on something means that you've decided that something is worth its cost or is worth doing.
Saying “I’m sold” is a common idiomatic response to say “I’m convinced”.

- I can eat anything I want on this new diet and not get fat? "I’m sold!"
- The airline offered us one night in a luxury hotel, a limo transfer, and $250.00 each if we give up our seats and depart tomorrow instead. "I’m sold!"

What are you sold on?

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