Make up your mind = decide

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Should I have the chicken or the salmon? Should I buy the sunglasses or the leather jacket? Should I accept the offer?

"Decide" is a useful verb to express choice. The idiom to make up my mind also means to decide “There are so many choices in this menu. It’s going to take a while to make up my mind/decide.” You can finish this sentence with either the idiom or the verb “decide.”

There are two ways to decide somthing / make up your mind about something:

1) To decide what to choose: Alessandra can't make up her mind / decide whether to accept the position in London or NYC.

2) To become very certain that you want to do something: At a very early age Sally “made up her mind / decided” to become a ballerina.

With so many choices in life, it’s difficult for me to make up my mind sometimes.

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