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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A process is a series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular result. Describing a process means writing /speaking about how something is made or how something happens. Can you describe a process in English?

Think of a simple activity, such as brushing your teeth.. You’re not negotiating a contract or taking a Cambridge English exam. You’re just being very specific about how to brush your teeth. Can you do it? It involves words like toothpaste, squeeze, tube, bristles, gums, tongue, swish, rinse, spit, and floss.

People possibly overlook the words involved in easy tasks because the activity may seem unimportant (but the vocabulary isn’t), thus they don’t know how to convey a simple process with enough detail. How about sharing a recipe? The ingredients, measurements, actions, utensils?

Examples of other processes:
- How to pack a suitcase
- How to donate blood
- How to shave
- How a camera works
- How to get a passport
- How to drive
- How to make popcorn
- etc....

One of the big road blocks (hindrances) most people have when learning a new language is developing a larger vocabulary. I think that many English learners feel pressure to memorize long, sophisticated words when learning the appropriate word for a situation is best for clear communication.

I enthusiastically encourage you to take every opportunity to develop a richer vocabulary through books, lessons, and media, but don’t forget the small stuff.

Simple tasks, challenging to describe well.

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