Snow words

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Since winter officially begins next week, it’s the perfect time to incorporate some snowy words into your vocabulary. So come inside, take off your coat, and think about whether you have ever experienced any of the following snowy situations:

  •  Be snowed under = When you’re overwhelmed with a large quantity of something, especially work
Tony started his new business last month and he is “snowed under” with orders already.
  •  Be snowed in = trapped (somewhere) because of too much snow.
We were "snowed in" for one week but luckily we had enough food.
  •  Be snowed (verb) = to be deceived, OR A snow job (noun) = an intensive effort at persuasion or deception

Volkswagon “snowed” the public into thinking their cars were safe for the environment. In reality, they released high levels of carbon emissions.

I asked my boss for a raise but he just gave me a “snow job” about the company’s profits being down so he couldn't give me one.

If you regularly read this blog, you might already know what “to snowball” means. If not, check out the post by clicking here.

Did you notice that these “snow” words all revolve around negative situations? I don’t have an explanation for that but growing your vocabulary is always positive :)

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