Finger fun - idioms and slang

Monday, January 25, 2016

I began my previous post with shoplifting slang, the five finger discount, to introduce the English names of our fingers. Now that we can identify our fingers in English, let’s build our finger slang and idioms.

If you’re a fan of the five finger discount (shoplifting), then you also have sticky fingers (the habit of stealing things).

A person who is involved in too many activities or projects has their finger in too many pies. Sometimes they are so overly involved that they can’t do any of them well. In this case, they probably don’t have enough time to fully participate.

On the other hand, if you’re awkward, clumsy and have difficulty fixing things or working with your hands, you are all thumbs.

What about that pinky finger, the little finger? Did you know that it can be powerful enough to have complete control over someone? When you can manipulate a person, you have them wrapped around your little finger. Who would have thought that the pinky could be so influential?

The thumb is pretty good at controlling people too. To be obedient to someone or to be controlled by someone is to be under their thumb.

To give thumbs up (or down) communicates an indication of satisfaction or approval (or of rejection or failure). Since you’re reading this post, I give you an enthusiastic thumbs up!

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