You and I

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

When a speaker refers to himself or herself, “I” is the subject pronoun.

- I always fly first class.
- I went to Hollywood.
- I think Tony wears a toupee.
- I love horror films.

Plural subjects that include “I” must be in the correct word order. English learners are sometimes confused by the word sequence (the syntax) in this situation, so remember, when you’re part of a plural subject in a sentence, always put yourself after the others.

- Bruno and I always fly first class.
- Lucy, Ricky and I went to Hollywood.
- Dave, Paul, Bif, and I think Tony wears a toupee.
- Ross, Rachel, Joey, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and I love horror films.

Do you see how “I” is always listed last? In many languages, a direct tranlsation has “I” first in the list but don’t be tempted to put “I” first--that is a no-no (not acceptable).

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