Make a splash!

Monday, October 3, 2016

The word splash is associated with water. Rain splashes on my windshield, children splash each other in the swimming pool, you splash water on your face, etc.

To splash is to move water around energetically, causing it to fly around noisily. You get many things wet by splashing.

There is also an English expression (a dry way of splashing), which is to make a splash. When you make a splash, you do or say something to attract a great deal of attention. It’s an informal way to talk about getting noticed or making an impression.

  • The unknown painter made a splash in the artistic community with his abstract designs.
  • Lorenzo’s original presentation made a splash with our most important client.
  • The Beatles made a big splash during their first visit to the U.S. in 1964.

Making a splash always involves excitement so I hope someone makes a splash in your life soon!

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