Kitty Corner

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Are you good at giving directions? Can you accurately explain how to find locations in English? Here are some important verbs and prepositions when giving directions:

turn left
turn right
go straight ahead
go past
at the corner of
next to
on the left
on the right

Rather easy, right? You can help a lost person by giving clear directions, or maybe some kind stranger will help you one day. (How are your comprehension skills?)

One location word that is a little bit unusual, but very helpful, is kitty-corner. It has other forms too, like kitty-cornered, cater-cornered, cater-corner or catty-cornered, and they all describe the same thing: two things that are located across from each other on opposite corners; to be situated diagonally opposite.

For example: The office building is kitty-corner from the movie theater.

Did you think this post was about kittens? ;) 

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