What smells?

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Spring and summer bring the smells of sweet air, freshly mown grass, flowers in bloom. I even like the fragrance of my sunscreen. They are all such pleasant aromas. On the other hand, what about the smell of cigarettes and skunks? Not so great. 

Sometimes we smell something and want to comment on it. If a chocolate cake is baking in the oven with its intoxicating aroma, it’s natural to say, “What smells so good?”

Some positive statements about smells:
- What smells so delicious? 
- What smells so fresh? 
- Something smells delightful!
Warning: when you say the two words alone, “What smells?” it typically means that you smell something unpleasant. 

With bad smells, you can be specific and more descriptive by creating full statements with adjectives or similes: 
- What smells like garbage?
- What smells so bad?
- Something smells rotten!
However, you can also just say, “What smells?” alone to convey that your nose has encountered something malodorous.  Either way, you are communicating that you smell something bad. 

Be aware of this difference when talking about smells, good or bad.  

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