"Grow" and "Grow Up": What Is the Difference?

Monday, January 22, 2018

Grow and grow up are not synonyms and that can be confusing. Their meanings vary slightly but both are easy to remember. This knowledge will give you another perfect opportunity to demonstrate your English fluency by using both terms correctly. You can do it!

Grow means to increase in size, to become bigger or longer

  • Anthony grew a mustache during his summer vacation. 
  • Millie hopes her investments will grow thanks to the strong economy. 
  • The maple tree in my garden has grown two meters since I moved here. 
  • His love for her grew more and more with each passing day.

To grow up refers to people and when they get older and more mature
  • Danny grew up in Chicago during the 1920s.
  • When you were growing up, what sports did you play?
  • Tom grew up in the country and Scarlett grew up in the city. 
  • Frank’s family moved a lot when he was growing up.

I hope your English vocabulary grows and grows with each passing day :)


summertime said...

Hi Laura -- For some reason banana taffy stayed in my mind.The fair did have it and it was from the Freese Candy people in West Allis. Calling ahead about flavors is probably smart. Also did you see the Franco GO FUND ME PAGE? They raised almost 5,000 for his legal problems. I enjoyed your recent posts.

summertime said...

The post about candy was from Pat at the pool. Sorry about that.

Tina lv said...

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