In a pickle

Monday, July 9, 2018

Although pickles are small, did you know that you can be in one? It's true  . . . but only for the idiom in a pickle

Pickles are small cucumbers that are preserved in vinegar or a brine (very salty water). They’re usually served with sandwiches or hamburgers, or they can be chopped up into a relish (a condiment). My sister loves pickles although I can take them or leave them.

There are many food idioms in the English language. A piece of cake is an example, and now we can add in a pickle to that list. 

To be in a pickle is when you’re in a difficult, troublesome situation where the solution is unclear or difficult. 

John is in a pickle: he has two dates for the party. 
Now we are in a pickle because we’re out of gas.
I’m in a real pickle because my computer crashed and I need several documents. 
Can you help me? I’m in a bit of a pickle.

Have you ever been in a pickle? 

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