As Such

Sunday, December 13, 2020

What do you notice about the use of “as such” in the following sentences?

  • If this is not a genuine antique, it should not be advertised “as such.”
  • Those in steerage on the Titanic were third class passengers and they were treated “as such.”
  • Most independent farmers want to stay “as such” and will try to avoid having to work for someone else. 

What they have in common is that “as such” is used as a pronoun and it refers back to something already mentioned in the sentence, specifically antique, third class passengers, and independent farmers

The single word “such” is used often in English and it means different things. Here are a couple examples: 

1. An adverb = to say that something is great in degree, quality, or number. (ex: such beautiful flowers; such a good movie; He has such a big ego.)

2. An adjective = of a particular or similar type.  (ex: I want a good watch such as the one you’re wearing.)

The focus of this post is on the pronoun phrase “as such” and I encourage you to try using it when referring to something or someone previously mentioned.  I consider it advanced usage, but if you remember that it’s simply a pronoun, it won’t be so challenging. 

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