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Tuesday, December 7, 2021


You’re busy, and often it’s difficult to find time to study English. Don't worry. If you can dedicate a very small amount of time every day to English, it will lead to great improvements overall.

I suggest 15 minutes minimum per day as ideal. You will definitely notice a significant impact by doing this versus studying in one 2-hour session per week, for example.

Suggested 15-minute study guide:  

  1. Spend at least five minutes reviewing your notes. The more repetition and studying of notes, the better. Things will become more familiar, natural, and easier. 
  2. Ok, ten minutes remaining? This website has something for everyone: elllo.org (English language Listening Lab Online). I use it almost every day with my English students and here’s why: 

  • The site contains over 3000 short, free listening activities. 
  • There are different language levels, from beginner to advanced. 
  • The featured speakers come from all over the world, so you are exposed to different cultures, viewpoints, and accents. You can filter a specific country if you want. 
  • The topics are extremely diverse and entertaining.
  • Vocabulary, idioms, and phrasal verbs are incorporated naturally within the text. You can review new words on a separate page (audio notes) if you want; these are short explanations of key terms or interesting language.
  • You can test yourself with a quiz that accompanies each activity. 
  • People speak in everyday English (not formal text book English). 
  • Each listening activity includes the written text if you want to read and follow along with the audio. Some people are better listeners, some are better readers. 
  • Don't listen while driving. You can't effectively study this way.

I’m enthusiastic about Elllo.org. Try it for 15 minutes a day, every day, and see how naturally your English skills grow. 

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