Thursday, November 3, 2022


What do the following items have in common? T-shirts, water bottles, pens, tote bags, mugs, decks of cards, mouse pads, notebooks, hats, keychains, umbrellas, calendars. 

They are typical promotional items that customers receive for free as gifts, and they are known as SWAG (Stuff We All Get). 

Swag is a form of advertising and swag items always feature the company’s brand name or logo. I’m confident that you’ve received swag from your workplace, bank, fitness center, or vendor at some time in your life. 

George Washington, the first US president, is remembered historically as the first person in the US to use swag; he gave away comemorative buttons to promote his election campaign in 1789. 

Some people get extra special swag bags for exclusive occasions. For example, celebrities at the 2022 Academy Awards ceremony received VIP swag with 50 different products and gifts, including a $50,000 private vacation at a 10-bedroom castle in Scotland and a $15,000 spa retreat for two. 

It’s always fun to get something for free.

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