Specially for You

Wednesday, June 14, 2023


Specially and especially may be two of the most easily confused English words on the planet. Their spelling is almost identical and they sound almost the same. Hmmm…..how do we use them correctly?

We use especially for emphasis, to mean particularly or more than usual.

  • Jan doesn’t like waking up early, especially on weekends. 
  • Sam loves salsa dancing, the cha-cha especially
  • The band at the festival was especially good. 

Specially is used to talk about things that are done for a specific/special purpose. In many instances (not all) specially can be used instead of the word just.

  •  I made this cake specially for you.
  •  Vera Wang designed the dress specially for Lauren’s wedding. 
  •  The pilots were specially trained for dangerous missions. 

*Helpful exception: When you mean “for a special reason,” you can use either especially or specially. Both are correct. 

  • The surprise party was organized especially/specially for Lisa and Greg’s anniversary. 
  • A poem was written especially/specially for the occasion.

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