Fill it Up

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I know several people who drink soda every day, with lunch, dinner, or any time. I have a colleague who can’t begin the day without her Coca-Cola for breakfast.

A widespread American notion of perceived value is the free re-fill: restaurants charge you for your first glass of soda and your second, third, fourth, etc. is no charge---free! It’s great! Because restaurants make a lot of money selling beverages, everyone is happy. Through the English conversations I have, I understand this isn’t very typical in Italy.

I rarely drink soda pop so free re-fills don’t interest me. Actually I feel like I’m paying too much if I only drink one glass, but we all pay too much, even if we have four re-fills. How much do you want and how much can you drink? This guy will tell you, but I don’t recommend following his example.

ps: He is a fictional character ;)

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