Lay x 2

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The difference between lay and lie confuses almost everyone. It sometimes makes me pause and think.

Let’s focus on lay. There are two ways to use it:

#1 Lay (present tense; transitive verb, takes an object) = to place something down


  • I’ll lay your iPad on the table.
  • Why did you lay the bowling ball on my foot?
  • #2 Lay (past tense of lie; intransitive verb, doesn’t take an object) = to recline; to rest on a surface


  • Carlo lay in the sun too long and now he has a sunburn.
  • The banana lay in the cage all day but the monkey never ate it.
  • So when you lay your head on the pillow tonight, I hope you lie in bed, never confused about using lay or lay again.

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