Onomatopoeic word: Slurp

Monday, January 31, 2011

To slurp is when you eat or drink noisily, with a loud, sloppy sucking sound. It’s a verb.

  • Luisa slurped her coffee quickly.
  • Leonardo is slurping his spaghetti and I can hear it.
  • Slurp is a noun, too. It’s the actual slurp noise: I drank the Coca-Cola with a loud slurp.

    OR it can be a mouthful of a liquid: I was thirsty and took a big slurp of Coca-Cola.

    Slurping is very informal behavior so it’s probably not the best idea to slurp when you eat in public.

    It’s another perfect example of onomatopoeia. Sssssluurrrrp!

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