Tiny Houses

Sunday, February 13, 2011

When I was a little girl, I used to read a fairy tale called Teeny Tiny, which was about a little woman and everything in her life was small. Teeny and tiny are synonyms for small, which explains the title of the story. She lived in a teeny tiny village. She wore teeny tiny clothes. She slept in a teeny tiny bed, and so on. It was a strange story that scared me a little bit.
Anyway, of course she lived in a teeny tiny home, which reminds me of a new, growing trend here in the USA, which is tiny houses. To save money or simplify their lives, a small but growing number of Americans are buying or building houses that could fit inside many people's living rooms.
Measuring 8-15 square meters, these tiny houses are on wheels so some people put them in their backyards to use as offices, studios, or extra bedrooms. Others use them as mobile vacation homes that they can park in the woods or by a lake. There are increasing numbers of adventurous people that live in tiny houses full-time, with only their basic and most necessary possessions.
Could you live full-time in a tiny house, keeping only your most important things?

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