Everyday words that we use every day

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Did you think I made a mistake in the title when I wrote everyday as one word and then as two separate words? I didn’t. Everyday and every day are used in two different but simple ways in English, and knowing the difference makes you a better and well informed speaker. So, what’s the distinction?

Well, everyday means ordinary, commonplace, daily and it’s an adjective, so you might use this to tell someone about what you do that’s ordinary, such as everyday chores around the house, or that you wear everyday clothes on the weekend but a suit for work. We like to take exotic vacations to escape from everyday life. Ordinary, common, regular, normal. Every day, written separately, simply means each day or daily. Every is an adjective and day is a noun.

  • Every day Elisa writes in her journal.

  • Mattia plans on going to school every day except Friday.

  • Marina loves pickles and eats them every day.

  • Alex wears a suit to work every day but on the weekends he wears everyday clothes.

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