How many words in a day?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I have always heard that taking 10,000 steps per day is recommended to maintain good health, which is about 5 miles or 8 kilometers, but how many words should you acquire in a day when learning a new language? Certainly not 10,000!

I suggest learning phrases and whole sentences instead of individual words. Your conversation flows better, you sound more natural, and it’s more logical than simply memorizing random words in your head. One of the first phrases I ever learned in Italian was, “Dove vai così in fretta?” As a beginning speaker, I didn’t know what the individual words meant but I knew what the question meant (and now I know what the individual words mean too: "Where are you going in such a hurry?").

Within your busy day, try to learn at least one or two phrases. I guarantee it will make more sense to you. Of course, new vocabulary is important but it becomes more useful within the context of sentences. Strive to be more conversational in your new language and you will feel confident and natural.

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