Grow your "angry" vocabulary

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Every language learner wants to know and use new vocabulary words quickly so let's make that happen today!

For example, a word you probably already know is angry (to have a strong feeling of displeasure or hostility). It is an adjective. Here are the different levels of intensity for the word angry:

grumpy ---> annoyed ---> angry ---> mad ---> furious ---> livid

weakest (less angry) -----------------------------------> strongest (extremely angry)

These are not synonyms. Each word has a specific, different meaning related to the word angry, ranging from weaker (on the left) to stronger, higher levels of intensity (on the right). By understanding the slight differences in meaning you will grow your vocabulary and become a more precise speaker. You won’t feel blocked when you try to express yourself!

1. grumpy: in a bad mood
2. annoyed: irritated; a little angry
3. angry: strong feelings of displeasure, hostility, irritation
4. mad: very angry
5. furious: extremely angry
6. livid: furiously angry

Do you understand the words?

A grumpy person is fun at parties. YES NO
Would receiving a speeding ticket make you angry? YES NO
If you lost a karaoke singing contest, would you be livid? YES NO
If you lost your keys, would you be annoyed? YES NO
Insults make you mad. YES NO
Are you furious on your birthday? YES NO

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