Big American Breakfasts

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It is often assumed by non-Americans that we here in the USA eat large, bountiful breakfasts before we begin our day: eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes, waffles, hash brown potatoes, juice, coffee, tea, toast, muffins, croissant, fruit, oatmeal, quiche, cinnamon rolls. Not true.

Although large morning meals are recommended to start the day in a good way, it's almost impossible to sit down and eat leisurely when you're in a hurry to get out of the house to be at work or school on time. I've tried and all I usually manage to eat is a bowl of cereal because it's fast and easy.

So don't believe it if you hear that Americans eat large breakfasts. It's great if you have a breakfast meeting with a client or are on holiday but the norm is usually one of the following: a piece of toast, a cup of coffee, a bowl of cereal, a glass of juice, some yogurt. If you're lucky, you might have time to sit down while you eat.

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