Fright Night

Monday, October 8, 2012

It's October and Halloween is coming soon, October 31. It's the season of jack-o-lanterns, trick or treat, costume parties, watching horror films and fright!
There are many ways to express fear in the English language so let's prepare ourselves for a Halloween full of terror.

I was:

- terrified, spooked, petrified
- afraid of, scared of, frightened of
- scared/frightened to death, scared stiff, paralyzed with fear


- scared the hell out of me.
- sent shivers/chills down my spine.
- gave me goosebumps.
- struck terror into me.
- scared/frightened the life out of me.


- jumped out of my skin.
- shook with fear; shook like a leaf.
- turned as white as a ghost.
- got spooked.

It was a:

- a horrifying ordeal.
- a frightening experience.
- spooky.

Everyone can expect a fright on Halloween, and now you are prepared with the perfect response!

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