Raise and grow

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When talking about living things like animals, people, plants, they always begin life very small and, with proper care, get bigger over time. Is this process called growing or raising? Both are correct though they differ slightly. How?

Parents raise children. Farmers raise crops. My childhood friend used to raise rabbits.

To raise is to bring a living thing to maturity.

- Frank Sinatra was born and "raised" in Hoboken, New Jersey.
- Monty "raises" thoroughbred horses.
- Mickey "raised" her son all by herself.
- Antonello and Elisa are raising two beautiful sons.

Be flexible with your vocabulary by knowing some synonyms for raise:

Bring up = to raise a child, to take care of and educate (a child)
Rear (more formal) = to care for a child or animal until they are fully grown
Grow up = To become an adult

We can be a little more flexible with grow. It is like "raise" (to develop and reach maturity), but it can also describe the action of something that develops or increases by a natural process. It’s something that happens from within, not something that another person has to do for that living thing to develop.

- Filippo "grew" a beard and I didn’t recognize him.
- Paul "grew" 8 cm in one year.
- Sequoia trees can "grow" up to 115 m high.
- "Growing" marijuana is illegal in most states. (This is similar to raise; the others are not.)

Do you raise anything?

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