Nod your head. Shake your head.

Friday, March 10, 2017

You can understand many things just by observing people’s body language and facial expressions, without any speaking or listening, It’s fairly easy to detect moods (boredom, anger, happiness, for example) through nonverbal communication. 

To understand happiness, you might see someone smiling. If they are sad, they might be frowning (a frown is the opposite of a smile). A bored person might yawn. 

The English expression and nonverbal way of showing agreement is to nod (your head). You lower and raise your head slightly and briefly as a signal that you agree or understand. Conversely, turning your head from side to side indicates refusal, denial, disapproval, or disbelief. That is to shake your head. 

To conclude, even though it’s nonverbal communication, the actions still have names: 

Nod your head  ——> indicates YES
Shake your head —-> indicates NO

Robert nodded his head to indicate that he heard the question. 

Sara shook her head when the waiter asked if she wanted more coffee. 

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