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Monday, March 27, 2017

Isn’t it a good feeling when someone shares your views and you have similar things in common? Of course, in life, this isn’t always the case but compatibility helps us exist a little better together in this world. 

One simple way to express agreement with people in English is with “so” or “neither”. 

SO + auxiliary (helping) verb + subject (for positive statements):

Matteo loves chocolate. ——> So do I
Beth can play the piano. —-> So can I. 
My sister is a banker. —-> So is Jason. 
Marco lives in Italy. —-> So does Elisa.
Greg would like a cup of coffee. ---> So would I. 
Alice can speak French. ---> So can Andrea. 

NEITHER + auxiliary (helping) verb + subject (for negative statements):

Valeria has never seen the film Rocky. —-> Neither has Caterina
Anna isn’t coming to the party. —-> Neither is Lorie.
Andrew doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. —-> Neither does Victor. 
Edo won’t sing karaoke.  —-> Neither will Susan. 
Stefania is not an engineer. —> Neither am I. 
Judy has never eaten caviar. —->  Neither have I

I think this is a helpful blog post. Do you agree?  ;)

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