How do you like your eggs?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

There seems to be a common belief that Americans start their mornings with large breakfasts. I wish that were true. My breakfasts usually consist of cereal and milk, or toast with peanut butter, or a banana, nothing too exciting. If I had a personal chef or if I went to a restaurant, I would definitely eat more in the mornings. When dining for breakfast in the US, there is one question your server will definitely ask when you order eggs: How do you like your eggs? 

Over easy? Sunny side up? Poached? Hmmmm......

This can be perplexing to foreign visitors because there are several ways to prepare eggs, so how do you tell your server exactly what you want?  It can best be explained by breakfast blogger "Dr. Breakfast" via Breakfast with Nick’s extremely detailed (with photos) post on everyting you need to know when ordering eggs just the way you like them, for breakfast or any time!

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