The Darwin Awards

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Story: A lawyer from Canada bragged that the windows in his Toronto office were bullet-proof and unbreakable. One day he decided to demonstrate this by running into one of the windows at full speed. His clients watched in shock as he crashed through the "unbreakable" window, landing on the pavement 24 floors below.

This unfortunate lawyer is an excellent candidate for a Darwin Award, which is a fictional honor given out each year for the most stupid death. The name originates from Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution (survival of the fittest). Since recipients of the Darwin award are too reckless and idiotic, they are not expected to survive on this earth very long, so they actually improve humanity's gene pool by removing themselves from it.

Intelligence, education, and social status can’t save everyone: philosophers, scientists and postgraduate students have all received this dubious honor.

If you’re interested in reading about recent “winners,” check out and be thankful that you were never nominated.

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