Eating Crow

Sunday, June 14, 2020

I don’t know much about crows but they seem to have a bad reputation. They are omens of bad luck (if you believe the superstition), their call is rather harsh and unpleasant sounding, and they eat a lot.

Scarecrows are common sights in farm fields to keep crows and other birds away. They’re objects made to resemble humans, dressed in old clothes and filled with straw, and set up to scare birds away from fields where seeds and crops are growing.

To eat crow (an idiom) is something no one wants to do. Eating crow means you are forced to admit a humiliating mistake.
According to legend, during the War of 1812 an American soldier killed a crow in British territory. When a British officer discovered this, he forced the soldier to eat the dead crow, thus humbling and humiliating the American soldier.

Here are a couple sentences using the idiom:
  • Charlie’s sales estimates were wrong so he had to "eat crow" at the board meeting. 
  • Our team bragged that we would be victorious, but we lost and had to "eat crow".

I’ve never tasted crow meat, but some say it is similar to duck while others say it tastes terrible.

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